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Growth Groups

Sunday Bible Study | 9:30am

Wednesday Prayer | 6:00pm

Wednesday Bible Study | 6:00pm

Men's Lunch | 3rd Thursdays @ 11:45am

Men's Devotional Breakfast | 1st Fridays @ 8:00am

Women of Faith |  2nd Tuesdays

For detailed information call (910) 457-1909

Bag of Groceries

Shoreline Pantry

Shoreline Baptist Food Pantry strives to serve 6 meals weekly to over 60 individuals with canned goods, pastas, breads, and fresh produce. Shoreline is blessed to serve over 1,000 families, 3,200 individuals each year in Southport and surrounding communities with food for body and soul.

Food Pantry Sponsors 

  • Lowe's Foods

  • Feeding America

  • Kiawana Giving Garden

  • South Harbor Neighbors

  • Shoreline Church Members



Shoreline Baptist Church Southport is comprised of members who have a vision to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations. We believe that Jesus is the only hope for this world. We take the Great Commission seriously and attempt to live it out daily. As a means to staying focused on fulfilling the Great Commission I regularly ask myself and our members “what impact will our lives have on eternity?”

The answer that continues to rebound back is “The impact of our lives will be measured by our passion and our passion by the depth of our sacrifice. A passion for the Edge (Unreached Peoples with little or no access to the Gospel) puts to death every other passion and produces a zeal to reach the Edge now.” Come and join us at Shoreline and let’s reach the nations for Christ together.


The Mitchums in Thailand

Shoreline has partnered together with the Mitchum family (Jesse, MacKenzie, Lily, Hazel and Cameron) as they seek to make disciples among the people of Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Jesse and MacKenzie are both former students of Pastor Ed and helped host a missions team from Shoreline back in 2019. 

To learn more about their ministry, click here.

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